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The Education Support Services Office supports the academic mission of the college by assisting the students, administrators and the instructional staff, with their knowledge of curricular areas.

The Office also works with a very active Faculty Curriculum Review Committee to facilitate the authentication of the college’s curriculum.

In addition, the Education Support Services Office supports the college with the management of the instructional facilities.  The office works with faculty and staff to maintain a quality teaching environment.

Education Support Services' mission is to assist the college in its efforts to continuously improve the educational programs through the management of their curricular offerings and to maintain a quality teaching and learning environment for faculty and students.

The Office of Education Support Services oversees the activities of Class Scheduling, Course Management, Instructional Facilities and the college's graphic design of publications.

Education Support Services Staff Directory:

Socorro Trapp, Assistant Director
Location:    RLC 123A
Mailstop:    CUR
Extension:  2281
Stefanie Chapman, Program Manager
Location:    RLC 127
Mailstop:    CUR
Extension:  2282
Zach Lambert, Space Analyst
Location:    RLC 127
Mailstop:    CUR
Extension:  2320

FCRC Agenda Feb 24, 2015

FCRC Agenda March 3, 2015

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